Art Director + Graphic Designer
at StandardVision
By empathizing with individuals' perceptions and perspectives, I design to capture fleeting moments and inspire positive emotional resonance through the medium of light and colors.
Art Director + Graphic Designer
at StandardVision
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Wilshire Grand Center

Have you noticed this colorful little surprise in the LA skyline? I remember when I used to drive back home from school on the 110, thinking that one day I would work on something this scale… Fast-forward three years later, I was so fortunate to have the opportunity to be in charge of the seasonal color design of the Wilshire Grand Center.

Unfortunately, I don't have much documentation of the cute lights except for a few videos filmed for Instagram, so here are some getty images. But go see for yourself next time when you are in the downtown area. A set of color sequences is designed for every holiday (my favorite is the 5-minute fireworks on 4th of July).

Los Angeles, California  •  2022

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