Art Director + Graphic Designer
at StandardVision
By empathizing with individuals' perceptions and perspectives, I design to capture fleeting moments and inspire positive emotional resonance through the medium of light and colors.
Art Director + Graphic Designer
at StandardVision
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I’m enthusiastic about creating narrative environments through lighting in spaces, immersive installations, and experiential brand activations. 

I believe that being a designer, or simply being human, is about touching and feeling materials, engaging in space, seeing art with your mind, and forging lasting relationships in the real world. Living up to the name Sunny, it has always been my childhood dream to be the light that projects and passes on the warmth of human connection.

I've come to realize that stories and feelings are always saturated with sensations that words can never fully express. We perceive ideas and information beyond verbal and visual inputs—thorough communication must be conveyed and received through a combination of different senses.

Colors evoke emotions, and music notes can unfold as flavors on the palate. To me, light and colors are the most effective mediums to influence perceptions and deliver emotional and abstract concepts. It's a form of language that can express any message universally. By synthesizing perceptions, technology, art, and design, let's create together not only stunning graphics but also empathetic experiences.

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