Art Director + Graphic Designer
at StandardVision
By empathizing with individuals' perceptions and perspectives, I design to capture fleeting moments and inspire positive emotional resonance through the medium of light and colors.
Art Director + Graphic Designer
at StandardVision
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Clear Canvas

Booth Design  •  Animation  •  Content Direction  •  Project Coordination
New York, NY

Booth Design highlighting transparent LED at the NRF retail technology expo, emphasizing three distinct application methods and creating an engaging visitor experience.

Standing in front of a transparent LED feels magical. It looks holographic and is more impactful than projection mapping or 3D hologram fans. In 2024, StandardVision introduced their bespoke transparent LED, ClearCanvas, at the NRF retail technology expo, aiming to revolutionize retail design standards.

PROJECT OBJECTIVETo showcase three main application methods (attached on glass, hanging, and self-standing) within the small 8x20’ footprint, the booth layout had to be intentional and precise.

The goal is to orchestrate LED transparencies, layers of materials, and lighting to simulate retail experiences and demonstrate different use cases and content capabilities for art and information, all while concealing the complex wiring and providing an tasteful space.

CONTEXTUnlike a traditional conference booth that uses the whole footprint as one stage, squeezing products, sales staff, and customers together, the ClearCanvas booth was divided into three areas.

This design strategy effortlessly encouraged visitors to walk through the space, increasing engagement time and allowing multiple salespeople to have focused conversations with potential buyers and designers.

CHALLENGEThe execution relied heavily on collaborative work. We had a tight two-month timeline to take the project from initial napkin sketches to completion. Coordinating everything remotely between the StandardVision team, the fabrication team at Current Project, and refining 3D animations no easy feat, but the final product was achieved timely and elegantly.

As a result, we created an aesthetic digital oasis with maple wood and stunning art in a sea of uniform startup booths that were giving out mugs and showcasing products on small tables. Our booth was praised for standing out from the monotony of startups in the innovation zone at NRF, alongside Meta’s booth.

COLLABORATORS3D animations: Ben Glasser
Structural Design + Fabrication: Ava Hager, Ben Husnick & Brent Budsberg (Current Project)

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