Art Director + Graphic Designer
at StandardVision
By empathizing with individuals' perceptions and perspectives, I design to capture fleeting moments and inspire positive emotional resonance through the medium of light and colors.
Art Director + Graphic Designer
at StandardVision
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The Bold

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Conceptual Hospitality Visual Identity

THE BOLD is a conceptual hotel + artist residency showcasing British designer Tom Dixon’s extraordinary lighting and furniture, and his unconventional view towards art and design.

The monochrome identity can be combined with all kinds of art, so the unique voice thatthe artists developed during their stay at The Bold Will always be part of the brand.

Featuring seasonal artists, the brand has everchanging visuals as it serves as the boldest platform for the creatives.

As a physical representation of a self-taught renowned designer + entrepreneur, THE BOLD brings Tom Dixon's ideology of Do It Yourself spirit into practice.

THE BOLD artist loft provides residency for enthusiasts with young hearts a space to develop their own voice. Free from regulation and everyday pressure, residents can pursue interdisciplinary projects among a community of working artists.

With the combination of raw materials and fluid visual identity, THE BOLD brand is the juxtaposition of the DIY culture and high-end design industry.

Blurring the edge between art and design, the hotel is the collision of the two worlds.



hotel brand identity, packaging design, motion graphic, print, environmental graphic, photography


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