Art Director + Graphic Designer
at StandardVision
By empathizing with individuals' perceptions and perspectives, I design to capture fleeting moments and inspire positive emotional resonance through the medium of light and colors.
Art Director + Graphic Designer
at StandardVision
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Ally Charlotte

This was my first art direction and animation project after being promoted to art director. My creative director had moved on to another job at the time, leaving me as the only content designer on the team. Here was my blank canvas: a two-story, three-layer digital pathway bridging the office and community areas in the Ally Bank corporate center in Charlotte, NC.

The design has three LED layers—on the wall, window, and ceiling—providing an interior view as a light tunnel for the employees and two exterior views for pedestrians and people in cars, depending on their distance from the premises.

The content objective was to create a set of animated lighting sequences that give the employees an inspiring and exciting office light tunnel and an outward-facing neighborhood canvas to strengthen Ally’s brand engagement and exhibit community messages—cheering for the 48 Ally Chevrolet at NASCAR or turning blue with the whole town for Charlotte FC. The installation embodies Ally's innovative values, and the content needs to reflect Ally's genuineness, authenticity, and inclusivity.

The biggest challenge was calculating all virtual and physical distances and figuring out the formula and framework to correctly map the animation on the platform, ensuring it looked amazing from all angles while preserving the content's legibility and accuracy. This was achieved by setting up a series of dynamic templates in After Effects and previs software.

Animating color lighting was fun; I really felt like a cool lighting artist at my office desk. (And with the interplay of natural and artificial light, the journey through the tunnel truly felt transformative, according to an anonymous source.)

Charlotte, North Carolina  •  2023

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